New option NUMACOUSTIC  for MOTUS silencer

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This new option for the MOTUS silencer exclusively is fantastic. This concept consists of placing vibrators on the back of the piano soundboard, the idea being to replace the vibration of the string, it is therefore the soundboard that emits the acoustic wave, it is therefore in the end with a natural instrumental sound. Here is the crucial advantage compared to the use of a loudspeaker, the source vibration is therefore provided digitally thanks to a dedicated output of the MOTUS silencer and mechanically finished on the soundboard surface, subtle mixture natural and digital acoustics ... hence the name NUMACOUSTIC ...



The first advantage of this system is to be able to adjust the volume lower than the acoustic sound of the instrument, and therefore to avoid the systematic use of headphones when absolute silence is not essential. It also considerably increases the capacity of your piano, since its soundboard is capable of transmitting sounds other than the piano with breathtaking realism. For example the sound of the harpsichord is beautifully transcribed by the Numacoustic system, the same goes for the magnificent organ of the Motus with its 26 stops which, however, is originally a sound from the pipe, stands out with a lot of naturalness and clarity.



The principle consists in placing on the soundboard 4 vibrators glued with a strong double-sided adhesive. 2 are placed rather towards the center with good elasticity, this ensures the bass register. The other 2 are placed under the treble bridge, which is therefore on the other side of the soundboard, the treble strings on the back then vibrate out of sympathy, this strengthening the high register.

Do not hesitate to try the NUMACOUSTIC system at your MOTUS installer ...


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